MARCH 29 - MAY 28 2021

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About Fly By Art

We Help You To Sell Your Art Work

Digma and Cpgphotos have joined forces to create a first in the Art Industry - Fly By Art.

Fly By Art allows people from all over the world view and purchase art from exhibitions the comfort of their own homes.

Cpgphotos supplies the stunning drone footage using a bespoke 3D printed drone with a mounted 4k GoPro, while Digma's Advanced Interactive Player brings the Interactive Art Exhibition.

image of drone used for creating FPV gallery tours


We have trained pilots, ready to film your exhibition using the latest drone technology.

image of gimbal used for creating FPV gallery tours


High quality flight-like footage can be captured using our top spec handheld Gimbals too.

Interactive Video Player


Using Digma's revolutionary technology visitors can click on any piece of art featured in the video to see more detail, easily navigate between artworks, and bookmark their favourite pieces to share with friends.

Interactive mobile experience for galleries and exhibitions

Mobile experience

The unique mobile experience brings interactivity to the palm of your hand. Our innovative swipe navigation and full-screen experience helps viewers engage in the content and have the ability to purchase artwork right from the viewing experience.

Their interactive interface is intuitive and really brings to life video footage.
— Sean, Alias Trate

Future of remote viewings

How does it all work?

A member of Fly By Art will visit your space with the equiptment of your choice (drone or gimbal) and will film your exhibition at a suitable time.

Once the exhibiton has been filmed the video will be put into post-production to enhance colorization and stabilization to perfect the footage.

The final step is to integrate it with the Interactive Video Player from Digma. With supplied imagery and content from yours truely, the team at Fly by Art will finalise your interactive video creation.

If you don't have any content or imagery Fly By Art will be happy to work with you in capturing all the art work with our photography team.


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We have the right package for you

Drone Footage

and Interactive Video

From £950

Prices may vary depending on size of the exhibition

  • Drone footage of your exhibition
  • 1 year licence Digma's Advanced Interactive Video
  • Website Integration Support
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